Climate change: Farmers told not to get side-tracked by efforts to reduce cattle numbers

Reacting to the ‘Ag Climatise – A Roadmap towards Climate Neutrality’ report published by the Department of Agriculture today, IFA President Tim Cullinan said that farmers are committed to reducing emissions.

The Tipperary-based agriculture official says emissions from agriculture were down by 3.9% and more can be achieved by adopting a range of measures.

He said: “There is already significant take up of these measures. The focus must be on supporting farmers to adopt specific mitigation measures and technologies to improve productivity and efficiency on farms. This will achieve emissions reduction.”

He said that farmers must not get side tracked by the discussions on reducing cattle numbers.

Farmers and members of the agriculture sector are being asked to submit new and innovative ideas to improve farm safety.

One million euro in funding will go towards the development, trials and roll out of the proposals, which can be submitted until January 29th.

Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture Martin Heydon says he was keen to keep farmers centrally involved in the safety standards process as farming accidents account for half of all workplace fatalities in Ireland.