Sligo residents warned of person claiming to be dog warden

Residents in North Sligo are being warned to be on the lookout for a person who claims to be a dog warden.

Local Fianna Fail Councillor, Donal Gilroy, received a call from a concerned constituent who said they were visited by a person claiming to be a warden; the resident called the Councillor in the first place to complain about this person being rude.

After a short investigation, it was confirmed that the council’s dog warden is not making house visits due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

There have been concerns over the last number of months of an increase in dog thefts.

Speaking to OceanFM News, Councillor Gilroy says if anyone claims to be from a department within the local authority, or from a utility service, they will have ID and to ask them to provide it.