Forestry Appeals must be fit for purpose

The Cabinet decision to amend the Agricultural Appeals Act must deliver efficiency in the forestry appeals system that makes it fit for purpose.


That’s according to IFA Farm Forestry Chairman Vincent Nally.


The leading farm official says that Farmers with a crop to harvest have become very frustrated with the appeals system and the backlog,” he said.


Mr. Nally said that farmers must have confidence that an appeal will be heard within a defined time frame so they can manage their forest sustainably.


Farmers can be waiting over two years to get their licence approved only for it to be then appealed, where it could take a further two years for their case to be heard.


The Applications for the COVID-19 Payment Break will close on Wednesday next September 30th



IFA Farm Business Chair Rose Mary McDonagh says these Payment breaks provide crucial breathing space for those negatively impacted by Covid-19.


She says if farmers income has dropped temporarily as a result of COVID-19, or they expect it will, and you believe you will be unable to make your loan repayments, then you should seek a payment break.



If farmers avail of the payment breaks then they won’t pay any interest or capital on your loan during the period of the break. In early March, lenders announced a payment break of up to three months for customers with personal loans and mortgages.




At the end of April, the break was extended by another three months up until September 30th. Importantly, there will be no impact on the credit rating of borrowers who avail of a payment break as a result of being financially affected by the pandemic.