Concerning Covid-19 figures in Donegal

The number of Covid-19 cases continues to increase in the North West.


In the latest figures published by Health officials 20 new cases are being reported in Donegal.  Leitrim is one of 11 Counties sharing 28 cases.


Meanwhile 2 additional cases which were first reported on Tuesday were allocated to Donegal yesterday.  4 additional were allocated to Leitrim and 3 to Sligo.


Dublin looks set to be placed on level three restrictions by the weekend.


The National Public Health Emergency Team will meet this morning to make a recommendation to government.



Health officials acknowledged yesterday that they are worried about the spread of COVID in a number of counties including Donegal. Dublin is regarded as the most serious at present.

This morning the National Public Health Emergency Team will meet to make a recommendation.


It’s expected they’ll say Dublin should be moved fully up to level three restrictions.


People will be told to work from home unless absolutely necessary.


This would mean people would not be allowed to leave the county except for essential purposes.


Capacity at weddings and funerals would be limited to 25 and religious services like mass should move online.


Once NPHET makes a recommendation it will be considered by a cross-departmental steering group this evening.


The cabinet sub-committee on COVID has scheduled a meeting tomorrow morning and this is being seen as a precursor to any NPHET recommendations being adopted by the weekend.


A full cabinet meeting would have to sign off on the plans tomorrow afternoon.


NPHET has yet to consider what advice to give, but with stark warnings last night that 500 to 1000 cases a day could be seen by the middle of October, it is expected further restrictions for Dublin will be installed.


Acting Chief Medical Officer, Ronan Glynn, says people need to make difficult decisions to stop the virus spreading: