Sligo Tourism’s new campaign: ‘We’re open for business’

Sligo is safe and open for business.

That’s the message from Sligo Tourism which launched a new video this week promoting Sligo that has already been viewed more than 20,000 times.

Sligo has had one of the lowest incidences of the Covid-19 virus in the country.

And with staycations the new normal, Sligo Tourism is now targeting the domestic tourism market market, emphasising that it’s not only hotels, restaurants and cafes that are open but also an array of scenic locations with a variety of activities and attractions.

Neil Faulkner is manager of Sligo Tourism, which has launched a major drive to encourage people to take their breaks in the county this year.

Sligo’s accessibility, its open spaces, beaches and mountains, its outdoor activities and its food are among key attractions being promoted as part of the new campaign.

As businesses strive to recover from the Covid-19 restrictions, the aim is to draw a greater share of the domestic market into the county, particularly as it has had one of the lowest virus infection rates in the country.

Neil Faulkner says Sligo people themselves should also consider holiday in their own county.