Sligo United Against Racism march cancelled


An anti-racism protest march which was due to take place at Doorly Park in Sligo on Saturday has now been cancelled, due to concerns over mass gatherings in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The event had been planned by the Sligo United Against Racism group.


The group say they are now planning a virtual online event to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests, and details of how to become involved in that will be publicised shortly.


This protest was a separate one from the Black Lives Matter protest which is still going ahead outside City Hall in Sligo on Friday afternoon.



Meanwhile there’s a call to expel the US Ambassador to Ireland if he doesn’t take a stand against Donald Trump’s actions against protesters in the States.


It comes from Rise TD Paul Murphy, who says that the Irish government needs to condemn his actions.


A protest is organised for Saturday outside the US Embassy in Dublin in solidarity with the Black Lives matter movement.


Deputy Murphy says the Irish government needs to condemn the brutality against protesters in the US: