Farmers receive clarification on Covid-19 payments

Farmers in the north west have received clarification on what Covid-19 payments they are entitled to.

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have released the criteria required to qualify for the €350 week payments.

You can qualify if you’re a full time farmer who has ceased trading as a result of the pandemic, also part time farmers who have lost off farm employment.

A farmer in receipt of Farm Assist Payments is not entitled, however, if their income has reduced they can apply for a reassessment.

A farmer in receipt of the Rural Social Scheme is not entitled, but, the existing pay is maintained.

A farmer or spouse in receipt of the Carers Allowance and Carers Benefit, including those who are working fewer than 18 hours a week, who have ceased trading or lost their employment can claim the payment of €350 per week.

While a farmer in receipt of the Disability Allowance that is not trading or has lost employment is entitled and the adjusted taken into account of the Disability Allowance.

While the measures will benefit a number of farmers around the country, concerns have been raised around farmers in the north west.

Mabel Russell, IFA Chairperson of Farm Family Affairs in Donegal outlines some of these.