St Angela’s College students claim pressure while on school placements

It’s been claimed the mental health of home economics teaching students of St Angela’s College in Sligo is being put at risk because of the demands of school placements.

Now, an online petition has been launched asking students to support an effort to highlight what is said to be the pressure endured by those on such placements.

Those behind the petition claim the stress and pressure that the requirements of school placements put on young Professional Masters in Education teachers are unfair and unjust, compared to those in other teacher training colleges.

It’s claimed lesson plans and ‘other additional paperwork’, such as ‘excessive observations and reflections’ are a ‘huge problem’ that students have tried to change over the years.

It’s also claimed the difference of criteria St Angela’s student teachers face in comparison to other student teachers from different accrediting universities is ‘shocking.’

Meanwhile, in a statement, St Angela’s College said it fully recognises that teaching practice can be stressful for some students.

It adds that it has no comment to make on the petition, as it wasn’t initiated by a registered student of the College.

The college also says if students have issues, there are protocols within the College that should be followed.

It points out the Bachelor of Arts /Professional Masters in Education programme is fully accredited by both NUI Galway and the Teaching Council of Ireland.