Agriculture Minister ‘quick to criticise’ farmers according to Beef Plan Movement Leitrim Chair

The Minister for Agriculture is ‘quick to criticise farmers’ according to the Leitrim Chairperson of the Beef Plan Movement.

Brendan Barry is making the comments following Minister Michael Creed saying that the actions of some farmers this week as ‘totally unacceptable.’

Clashes outside the Department of Agriculture on Monday saw protesters stop Meat Industry Ireland representatives from entering as many farmers want legal threats dropped; some warning there could be further pickets if they are not.

Rescheduled talks are expected some time next week with some saying there could be pickets outside meat factories if remaining legal threats aren’t lifted.

Speaking to OceanFM, Brendan Barry says the talks need to happen.

While the Sligo Chair of the Beef Plan movement, Gerard Pilkington, says he can understand the frustration of farmers.