Impacts of beef dispute hits supermarket shelves

The ongoing beef dispute is starting to have an impact on supermarket shelves.


Aldi has become the first retailer to confirm that it’s struggling to stock Irish beef.



Aldi says there is now industry-wide availability issues for Irish beef.


In order to ensure it has a full range of beef and pork products for customers, some of it’s Irish suppliers have had to have their beef and pork processed at plants in the UK.


This means that a tray of mince in your local store – may have been slaughtered in Ireland, sent to the UK to be processed and packaged – and then sent back to Ireland to be sold.


Irish processing plants have been forced to wind down production due to ongoing blockades at factories.


Aldi says it’s Irish meat products are still Bord Bia approved and where the meat has been processed will be clearly labelled on its packaging.