Archaeologists from around the world arrive in Sligo

Archaeologists from around the world are in IT Sligo today (Wednesday) for the start of an international sold-out conference on the use of the latest technology in exploring our past.


Drones, data mining and artificial intelligence will be among the topics discussed by some of the world’s leading archaeologists.


More than 140 delegates from 33 different companies from as far away as New Zealand and Japan are among those arriving in Sligo today for the five-day event.


The conference, which is held every two years, has been organised by IT Sligo lecturer Dr James Bonsall.


The conference will also see the launch of a specially commissioned book edited by Dr Bonsall that includes more than 90 papers covering all time periods.


IT Sligo President Dr Brendan McCormack says the holding of the conference acknowledges the institute as an international centre of excellence in archaeological research.