Cllr: If Pence does not visit Sligo, a representative from the county should meet him

If the U.S. vicepresident doesn’t come to South Sligo, the Sligo should go to him

That’s the opinion of Sligo councillor Martin Connolly, who believes the county should not lose out on the exposure to be got from meeting Mike Pence when he visits Ireland next month.

There had been hopes the vicepresident would visit his grandfather’s native area in south Sligo but sources have told Ocean FM News that that, at present, it does not appear likely he will be visiting the north west.

Mr Pence is expected in the UK between 4th and 5th September, with a trip to Ireland on the 6th.

Cllr Connolly believes it would be an opportunity lost if someone representing Sligo were not to meet the US vice president during his visit here.