Sligo Councillors unhappy with Eir over cost of moving poles

Sligo councillors have hit out at telecommunications company Eir over the price it quotes to move poles that are located in hazardous or unsafe locations.


In what is a countywide problem, many of the poles are now in open spaces because the walls or boundaries in which they were previously located have been moved.


A meeting this week of councillors from the Ballymote/Tubbercurry/West Sligo area heard Eir charges €700 to inspect such poles and five to seven thousand euro to move them.


Sligo County Council Director of Services Tom Kilfeather says there is no simple answer to the issue.


He added that if the council goes to enforce planning regulations in some situations, the householder will say they cannot afford to pay to have the pole moved.


Two councillors, Joe Queenan and Dara Mulvey, had motions down at this week’s municipal meeting in Tubbercurry seeking to have poles moved.


But Cllr Queenan says the situation is repeated around the county.