SIPTU support workers are on strike across the region today

Almost 400 support staff are on strike at Sligo University Hospital today.

SIPTU members are out in force in Sligo and Letterkenny University Hospitals this afternoon over a pay dispute.

Patients can expect disruptions to a wide variety of services including surgeries, inpatient and outpatient procedures.

The dispute centres on a job evaluation scheme that was agreed to by the government at the last Public Service Stability Agreement.

Members however have not been paid.

Sandra Flanagan, SIPTU Regional Spokesperson, says the support grades on strike provide vital services.

Padraig Peyton, Honorary President of SIPTU says there has been misinformation coming from the government.

Hospital workers on the picket line outside Sligo University Hospital today feel and angry and let down.

While services are being disrupted, members at the hospital say they don’t want to be on strike, but they feel they have been lead to this position by the government.