Roadbridge gets to work on massive N4 road project between Collooney and Castlebaldwin

The building of the new Collooney to Castlebaldwin dual carriageway in County Sligo is one of the biggest road projects ever undertaken in the north west of Ireland.

And it’s being done by the construction and civil engineering company Roadbridge.

It’s a road for which people have been campaigning for decades.

During that time, about 30 people have lost their lives on the dangerous route.

Now, a new dual carriageway is being built by Roadbridge.

Managing Director Conor Gilligan has been telling Ocean FM News about the company:

Roadbridge has undertaken projects ranging in cost from €1m to €350m.

So, even by Roadbridge’s own standards, the N4 job is a significant one.

The almost 15 kilometre stretch from Collooney to Castlebaldwin is not the longest road Roadbridge has ever built.

But it has it’s own challenges, as Conor Gilligan explains.

A job like this creates jobs, and while Roadbridge has its own staff, it will also be employing local people and firms.

Meanwhile, there have been different figures mentioned for the actual cost of the job and the number of local people who will be employed.

Conor Gilligan again: