Minister McHugh announces details of new teaching sharing scheme.

Secondary schools will soon be able to share teachers in subjects like Irish, maths and languages.


The Education Minister is urging principals to sign up to the scheme, which is to deal with a shortage of teachers.


Minister Joe McHugh has announced details of the new scheme which will allow post-primary schools to share teachers in priority subjects.


It will start from the beginning of the 2019/20 school year and will be reviewed after the first year of operation.


The aim is to alleviate some of the challenges schools have faced in recruiting educators.


This new approach to filling posts is a solution for principals who are seeking teachers and graduates who are looking for full-time employment and more options for work.


The teacher sharing initiative is one of a range of actions contained in the Action Plan for Teacher Supply, published in November 2018.


It’ll help ease recruitment pressures in some specific subject areas like STEM, modern languages, Irish and home economics.