Major challenges in staff attraction and retention for local businesses

Difficulty in attracting talent is stifling innovation among businesses.

A PwC survey shows 85 per cent of Irish HR leaders say ‘attracting and retaining key talent’ is the top challenge for 2019.

Businesses are being urged to focus on the employee experience to tackle skills’ challenges.

PwC People and Organisation Director Ger McDonagh says they also need to look towards workforce planning:



Over six in ten women don’t have a private pension.

A new Behaviour and Attitudes Survey from Aviva shows only 6 per cent of those without one see it as being a high priority.

It reveals almost half of men have a pension, compared with only 37 per cent of women.

Aviva Head of Individual Life & Pensions Anne O’Keefe says women may feel it’s too expensive to get one: