Top awards for Harvey’s Point Hotel and MD McGlone

With fears of a no-deal Brexit now looming larger than ever, the managing director of one of the north west’s leading hotel resorts says that when it comes to attracting tourists to the region, it’s about not keeping all eggs in the one basket.

Tourism numbers to Ireland have been increasing, although there’s been concern about the numbers visiting the north west.

However, Deirdre McGlone, managing director at Harvey’s Point Hotel, in Donegal, says there’s increasing North American interest in the north west region.

And she says they are also making preparations to embark on emerging markets, such as China.

She was speaking to Ocean FM News after receiving two top awards from the prestigious All-Ireland Business Foundation.

Deirdre began her career with a 1989 three-month hotel summer job.

She has now been honoured for her role in overseeing the growth of Harvey’s Point from 20 bedrooms and a small restaurant to a luxurious resort with 64 suites.

The All-Ireland Business Foundation also named Harvey’s Point among the first businesses in the country to achieve its new quality mark, the Business All-Star.

Deirdre McGlone spoke about the awards and the tourism outlook.