2,800 parking fines were not paid in Sligo last year

Two thousand eight hundred parking fines issued in Sligo last year were not paid.

But despite that, almost €198,000 was generated through the 4,300 that were paid.

The figures were revealed at a meeting of councillors from the Sligo Municipal District in response to a query from Independent Socialist Councillor Declan Bree.

In 2017, there were more than 7,100 parking fines issued in Sligo.

But only about 4,300 of those were paid, generating almost €198,000.

Of the fines issued, more than 1,000 were appealed.

Court summonses had to be issued in 471 cases and 85 were eventually paid.

Some cases have not yet gone to court while income to the council from ongoing court cases continues.

The council points out that since 2017, traffic wardens do not decide on appeals of parking fines.

Rather, all appeals are now dealt with by staff in the council’s finance section, although a report or comment may be sought from the wardens.