No indication as to when Enniscrone plebicite will take place

A West Sligo community is now as far away as ever from knowing when it can hold a plebiscite to change its name.

The coastal village of Enniscrone had hoped to hold the plebiscite before the end of this year.

It wants to change its official name from Inniscrone/Inishcrone, beginning with an ‘I’, to Enniscrone, beginning with an ‘E’, which most local people use.

They say it’s important for tourism and promotion purposes, especially in this age of social media and internet marketing.

However, because of conflicting national legislation, the plebiscite cannot be held as soon as was hoped and only the Dail can resolve the situation.

At yesterday’s meeting of Sligo County Council, councillors were told there was now ‘no time line at this point’ as to when the plebiscite can take place.

Local Councillor Joe Queenan was disappointed: