Potential candidates address Sligo County Council

Six potential presidential candidates and Sean Gallagher have addressed Sligo Co Co this morning.

Sean Gallagher was the only person addressing the Council today who had already secured a nomination.

It’s clear Sean Gallagher’s presence at today’s Council meeting irked some of the other potential candidates.

One of the other candidates Kevin Sharkey claimed ‘it stinks’ that he’s there saying ‘that’s politics’

Mr. Gallagher has already has the backing of at least the four required Councils to seek a nomination yet he continues to travel around.

Claire Mulcahy was at today’s meeting and asked him why:

Peter Casey was the first to address the Council and he’s hoping for his first nomination.

The businessman has been accused to flying around the country in a helicopter but there was no sign of one at today’s meeting.

Patrick Feeney from Galway told Councillors that it’s time to stop shout to rural recession.

Roscommon Farmer John Groarke said that due to the nature of politics he realised he had very little hope of getting a nomination. He said lots of things have to change in Irish politics.

Kevin Sharkey returned to his controversial calls for the death penalty for anyone who attacks an elderly person in their home.

He spoke of the scourge of drugs saying that he was addicted to cocaine in his youth but he was one of the lucky ones.

Journalist Gemma O’Doherty and Sarah Louise Mulligan ended the speeched with Ms. Mulligan at one stage reprimanding some of the Council officials for talking while she was making her presentation.

They dutifully paid attention – her focus is on issues like elder abuse and of course she is pro life.

Gemma O’Doherty outlined her campaign to seek justice, truth and honesty’ again referring to corruption in Ireland and how the small farmer and producer needs to be protected.