Fewer pubs, more off-licences

There are now almost 160 fewer pubs in the north west than there were 12 years ago.

The figures are the latest from the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland which shows rural areas of the country having the biggest drop in pub numbers.

Just over 12 years ago, there were more than 770 pubs in the north west.

Today, there are 616, a drop of 156.

The greatest drop in pub numbers in the region has been in Donegal, going from 453 in 2005 to 368 last year, a reduction of 85.

In Sligo, there are now 37 fewer pubs compared to 2005, having dropped from 179 to 142.

It’s a similar situation in Leitrim, with pub numbers there falling from 140 in 2005 to 106 last year.

Overall, there are 1,500 fewer pubs throughout the country than there were over 12 years ago.

The figures are based on an analysis of the liquor licence numbers published by Revenue, which tracks the number of premises holding publicans’ licenses.

In contrast to the fall in pub numbers, off licences saw an increase of 11% since 2005.