Agreement to get rid of parking charges in Ballyshannon yet to be implemented

Over two years after agreeing to abolish car-parking charges in Ballyshannon – they remain in place.

The issue was raised at a meeting of the Donegal Municipal District yesterday.

The Council said that they were aware that Councillors had agreed to abolish the charges back in 2016 and they would get the latest update.

Fine Gael Councillor Barry O’Neill called for the Director of Services for roads to address Councillors in south Donegal on the issue:

Donegal County Council Director of Services Garry Martin said that the Executive is aware of the agreement reached in 2016 to abolish the charges and he would check the latest update for the next meeting of the Council.

Meanwhile, the issue of parking charges at Super Valu in Bundoran was also mentioned.

Mr. Martin said there were complexities with that issue but it was still being looked at.