NO sign gone from Ben Bulben…

The NO sign is gone from Benbulben mountain.

The sign gathered national attention yesterday after it was erected on the north-facing side of the mountain by the Sligo for Life No Campaign ahead of next week’s referendum.

The group said they planned to leave it up for a week but they came in for a lot of criticism yesterday with complaints from people locally on both the YES and NO sides.

The Gardai and Sligo County Council received numerous complaints and the National Parks and Wildlife Service hit out at the move as damaging to a unique special area of conservation.

The National Trust An Taisce also submitted a legal complaint to Sligo County Council regarding the advertisement on Ben Bulben.

The organisers claim the sign was vandalised. Some debris from the plastic is evident this morning.

One of the people who made the sign, Tommy Banks, told Ocean FM News last night that they had received threats from members of the public that the sign would be taken down: