Verdict of ‘accidental death’ reached in case of man who fell tragically from a ladder

A verdict of ‘accidental death’ was returned this morning at an inquest in Sligo into the death of a 73-year old man who fell from a ladder on a building site more than a year ago.

The inquest heard the man, who had been a builder himself, died about 10 weeks later as a result of a clot in his lung.

The inquest heard that on November 26th 2016, Thomas Maguire, of Cliffoney, Co Sligo, had been at a house in Rosses Point that his son was building.

He fell from a ladder, sustained injuries, including spinal fractures.

He was taken to Sligo University Hospital and was later transferred to St John’s Community Hospital, where he had a cardiac arrest.

On February 12th 2017 he was taken back to Sligo University Hospital, where he died at 12:15pm.

The deceased’s son, Thomas Maguire, said his father was climbing down a ladder, lost his footing and fell.

Before two ambulances arrived, his father remained conscious for most of the time.

He was about two to three weeks in intensive care.

In answer to Coroner Eamon McGowan, Mr Maguire said his father fell about 2.8 to 3 metres while inside in the house.

Ben Maguire, Skreen, told the inquest how he was working with his brother on a house at the back of Harry’s Bar in Rosses Point.

Ladders were used to get up to the first floor.

He said his brother went to go down a ladder and must have slipped, falling backwards onto a concrete floor below.

The inquest returned a verdict of accidental death from a clot in the lung following injuries suffered in the fall.

Pathologist Dr Clive Kilgallen said a clot can travel and land in the lung, and happens often after an operation.

The Coroner, Mr McGowan, and Sergeant Philip Maree on behalf of An Garda Siochana extended their sympathy to members of the deceased’s family who were present at the inquest in Sligo.