New burial ground site yet to be found for Lavagh

An old burial ground in South Sligo is almost full but a a site for a new graveyard has not yet been found.

Locals are now concerned that when a person dies in the Lavagh area, there may not be a place in the nearby Court Abbey cemetery in which to bury them.

Fianna Fail Councillor Jerry Lundy says a local committee is now suggesting that there may be an overgrown area behind the ruins of an old abbey in the cemetery that could be used for burials.

He says there are no records of anyone having been buried in that area.

Another local councillor, Independent Margaret Gormley says there are two issues involved: one is the situation with the cemetery being almost full and the other is the ancient abbey building itself, which is owned by the county council.

Sligo County Council Senior Engineer Tom Brennan says it’s inconclusive as to whether or not anyone was buried in the area Cllr Lundy referred to.

He says the council is also limited in what it can do because the abbey ruin is a protected structure.

Mr Brennan has suggested that the local community in the area make contact with the council’s area engineer and the heritage office.