HSE says residents from St John’s unit are being ‘appropriately placed’

The HSE says residents who are moving from the Alzheimers Unit at St. John’s Hospital in Sligo are being ‘appropriately placed’

It follows concern by families raised last week that they don’t know where their loved ones are being moved to ahead of the closure of the 39 bed unit in March.

The HSE says it has been working with the Mental Health Commission on the future of the unit and it was decided in November 2016 that there would be no new admissions.

The statement confirms that residents have been moved to other settings and the final residents are to move by March.

The move is in line with the ‘Irish National Dementia Strategy 2014’.


This is the full response from the HSE in relation to its Rehab and Recovery Mental Health Unit, St John’s Hospital Campus:

The Rehab and Recovery Mental Health Unit, formerly known as the ‘Alzheimer’s Unit’ is located within the grounds of St John’s Hospital, Sligo. Historically this unit, admitted people who suffered with both dementia related illness, mental health difficulties and acquired brain injuries. 

Following engagement between the HSE and ‘The Mental Health Commission’ in November 2016 registration was approved on condition that 1. There would be no further new admissions or transfers of persons to the unit and 2. The needs of the current residents of unit were assessed and residents were appropriately placed in accordance with this by 31st December 2016.

Consequently, no new patient has been admitted to the unit since 21st November 2016.   Since this date, the mental health services through consultation with all residents by the supporting multi-disciplinary team working within the unit, have been successful with the transfer of many residents to more appropriate care settings and facilities. 

The cessation of the old St John’s service delivery model, creates further opportunity to develop additional services which will be available to more people in their home and other community care settings in Sligo. 

By March 2018 all remaining residents will be transitions to other placement’s that are more appropriate to meet their care needs. All transitions will be fully inclusive and represent the individual needs of the residents involved. This is in keeping with The Irish National Dementia Strategy 2014.