Sligo County Council had the highest sick leave rate in 2016

Sligo County Council had the highest certified sick leave rate in 2016.

The figure is just a snapshot of how Local Authorities are performing and the details are published in the National Oversight and Audit Commission report today.


Sligo’s sick rate was over 5% and the lowest rate of just under 2% was recorded in Westmeath.

Other things of note in the report which is based on the 2016 figures include housing.

It shows that the average reletting time around the country for Council houses increased to 33 weeks.

It also notes that a number of local authority houses in Donegal were affected by the Mica defective blocks crisis.

As a result these homes will be vacant for longer because of delays with testing and remediation arrangements.

Donegal County Councils and Monaghan County Councils also referred to a shortage of available contractors in the counties to carry out works as impacting on re-letting times.

Sligo was also one of 9 Local Authorities that had to reduce staff numbers in 2016.

But the figures also show that of the part-time brigades Sligo had one of the quickest mobilisation times for fires and other incidents.

Leitrim scored well when it comes to tackling litter with no areas of gross litter pollution in the county.

All counties increased their rates collections in 2016.