Irish American lawmaker to introduce ‘Stable Genius Act’ following Trump tweet

An American congresman whose father comes from Donegal is calling for the mental health of U.S. presidential candidates to be checked.

Representative Brendan Boyle is proposing what’s being called ‘the Stable Genius Act.’

Congressman Boyle’s proposal comes after President Donald Trump described himself as a ‘stable genius’ following questions about his mental health.

However, a routine check-up this week found the 17-stone president was in excellent overall health.

But Congressman Boyle, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, says there should be some kind of mental screening for the most powerful politician on earth.

Congressman Boyle’s father Francis, from Glencolmcille, went to the U.S. in 1970.

The congressman’s late mother Eileen was the child of emigrants from County Sligo.

Congressman Boyle is now reported as saying President Trump’s medical exam boosted the need to pass legislation that would require presidential candidates to publicly release such information ahead of the election.

He says there is absolutely no reason why in the future presidential nominees couldn’t go through the same examination.