Row between Council Chief Executive and Cllr Declan Bree rumbles on at latest meeting

A row over whether a commitment to give Sligo Co Council an extra €750,000 or not rumbled on today.

The Chief Executive claims he was given the commitment three years ago, but Cllr Declan Bree claims this is not the case.

The ongoing row is over whether row is over whether Sligo Co Council was granted 750,000 in local government funding or not.

The Chief Executive, Ciaran Hayes claimes he was promised the money by Assisstant Secretary General of the Department of Local Government, Paul Lemass three years ago.

Cllr Declan Bree however says he met Paul Lemass in February 2015 and he says he was told “in no uncertain terms” that this money wasn’t promised.

But at todays Council meeting the Chief Executive again refuted these claims.

Ciaran Hayes said the current style of engagement by Cllr Bree was unfair, unnessecary and has led to negative publicity.

He also said he would never run to the media with only his side of events. Yet he said this was the stategy of Cllr Bree, and he said this was unnacceptable.

Ciaran Hayes also said that the implication of Cllr Brees statements was that he was lying, and he said he takes that very seriously.

Meanwhile a number of members of the Councils management team said that they attended the meeting with Paul Lemass, and they say he did give a commitment that Sligo Co Council would receive the 750,000 and that they back up Mr Hayes completely.