Border communities group makes its Brexit case in London today

The group Border Communities Against Brexit is bringing its campaign to Westminster today.

Members of the group are in London to brief politicians there on what they see as as the negative affects Brexit will have for Northern Ireland and border communities.

This morning, they are holding a briefing which is open to all interested in hearing their position.

This afternoon, they will meet the Brexit team for the Labour Party, which is developing its position on the UK’s exit from the EU.

Border Communities Against Brexit says the solution to Brexit is to place the EU border in the Irish Sea so that people on the island of Ireland can trade and travel as they do now.

Speaking to Ocean FM News from London this morning, John Sheridan, a member of the group, says they will be emphasising that the issue of the Irish border has to be sorted out before moving onto to talks about trade.

He’s also critical of the lack of interest by the British government in how the border area will really be affected: