Irish Defence Forces confirm that members of British Army train in Ireland

The Irish Defence Forces have confirmed that British soldiers train at its base at The Curragh, in County Kildare.

A statement to Ocean FM News says peace keepers from over 56 countries, including the UK, have regularly attended special courses there.

The confirmation to Ocean FM News that British personnel train at The Curragh comes in the aftermath of calls from a Donegal councillor for an explanation about the situation.

Councillor Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easpaig said he felt it was immoral and also threatened Ireland’s neutrality:

The issue first came to public attention here following comments by the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, while on a visit to Ireland:

Now, in response to a query from Ocean FM News, the Defences Forces here says there are a number of military courses which they run and are open to international students.

The statement points out that the United Nations Training School Ireland, located in the Curragh, conducts training courses on peacekeeping.

This includes training of international officers for UN Peace Support Operations on specific courses for military personnel.

The Defence Forces say students from over fifty-six countries, including the UK, and representing all continents, have regularly attended such training.