15 motions on the agenda for Sligo County Convention

15 motions have been submitted by clubs for this year’s Sligo County Convention, which takes place on Thursday, December 14.

Six are from Owenmore Gaels and five are from Eastern Harps.

Among them, Harps are calling on the club minor league and championship competitions to remain at under 18 level, and not switch to U17 in-line with intercounty.

They also want all senior, intermediate and junior club championship games on a Sunday to throw-in no later than 4pm.

Among their motions, Owenmore Gaels are calling for the adult club championships to commence in April, and also want to see fees increased for the use of GAA-vested pitches for championship games.

Curry want to see juvenile players get a minimum of three rest days between games; while Cloonacool are calling for the cost of an appeal on the decision of a red card to be increased from €100 to €500.

Tubbercurry are calling on Coiste na nOg to review the practice of playing underage hurling and football matches on alternate weekends; and Coolaney/Mullinabreena want to see a target date of mid-September set for the conclusion of all underage competitions.


Curry;                     wish to put forward the motion that all juvenile players get a minimum of 3 days rest periods between games.

Cloonacool;                  The cost of an appeal on the decision of a red card be increased from €100 to €500.

Eastern Harps

 That the Club Minor League and Championship competitions within Co. Shligigh remain at under 18 level for 2018.

That Club Senior, Intermediate and Junior Championship matches within Co. Shligigh should have a throw-in time of no later than 4pm on a Sunday evening in 2018.

That Rule 2.4(v) of GAA Official Guide Part 2 2017 is amended as follows:        A Substitution may only be made during a break in play, the number of the player entering the field of play and the player leaving the field of play will be noted by the Referee.

In the case of an Inter County Senior game, a substitution note should also be given to the Sideline Official. This shall also apply to a Temporary Substitution allowed under Rule 1.5 (b), Rules of Control – Injuries: Blood. A break in play shall be when the play is stopped after a score or wide or for a free, sideline puck/ kick or when the Referee has stopped play for medical attention to an injured player.

That Rule 2.5(i) of GAA Official Guide Part 2 2017 is amended as follows:(a)   Before all official games, the Referee shall be given a list of all players and potential substitutes, in duplicate and in Irish, (except as provided for in Rule 1.7, Part 1), giving full Christian names. All players, including substitutes, should be listed including the number they will wear should they enter the field of play.  Where extra time is being played, the Referee shall be given either a list of the 15 players starting the extra time, or a list clearly indicating the changes made from that of the finishing team in normal time. This list may be in single form but shall otherwise comply with the provisions above.

(b) All players shall be from the list submitted to the referee prior to the game.

(c) For extra time, players shall be from the list submitted to the referee prior to the game.

Coolaney Mullinabrenna

That the target date for conclusion of all underage competitions should be the middle of September each year.


That Coiste na nÓg review the practice of playing under age hurling and football matches on alternate weekends in favour of either applying a blitz type format for hurling or alternatively that hurling is played in blocks throughout the year. This will have the effect of greatly shortening an overly long football season, while also reducing the training to games ratio in particular on our young players. 

Owenmore Gaels

Motion No. 1 Fee’s to be increased for the use of GAA vested pitches for Championship games. Clubs should get 33% of the gate takings, have their own representative on the gate, takings are counted and signed off by members on the gate and the club is paid on the day.

Motion No. 2 In the case of an ineligible player been played by a club, the onus should be on the County Competitions Committee to enforce the rule and should not be on the opposition team to prove they were wronged.

Motion No. 3  Propose that Adult club championship games commence in April.

Motion No. 4 All games should be played on a pitch where there is a perimeter fence and a Scoreboard. Scarden is not a suitable venue for games.

Motion No. 5 Any grounds vested in the GAA should be entitled to a higher percentage fee than community pitches. Pitches vested in the GAA require more fundraising and investment by a club.

Motion No. 6 All correspondence from a club to the County structure should be acknowledged as a matter of courtesy.

An Coiste Chontae ;   Bye-Law

Rule 6.8 (B) Exception (1), whereby (i) a player from a separately affiliated football club may apply for and be granted, annual written permission by the County Committee to play hurling with a dual-club in his own Divisional Board area, subject to permission being granted by Ard Chomhairle and (ii) a player from a club that does not have a hurling team at his age-grade may play hurling in that grade with an alternative club in his own Divisional Board area.

In the case of both (i) and (ii), if there is no relevant club available to a player in his own Divisional Board area, he may apply for and may be granted annual written permission by the County CCC to play hurling with a club in another Divisional Board area.

The County CCC shall be responsible, in the first instance, for making decisions on all such applications; the Secretary of the CCC having first advised the County Secretary and the Hurling Secretary of same. The County CCC shall decide on the procedures to be adopted in the case of these applications.

Existing arrangements (prior to 2012) may continue while both parties (i.e. the player and the club he plays hurling with) agree.

An appeal against a decision relating to these applications may be made by an aggrieved party to the County Hearings Committee as per Riail 6.5 (f) T.O 2017.