Consultant says health needs ‘practical’ and not ‘political’ solutions

A Donegal consultant says the government follows the same failed policy on tackling the crisis in our hospitals every year.

Orthopaedic surgeon in Letterkenny Peter O’Rourke says the solutions found every year are political rather than practical.

He says that the capacity issue is the same all year round.

He says more beds are needed to reduce waiting times in hospitals in the North West region and right around the country:

Meanwhile, a new report today show that the health system needs to see a major shift towards GP care.

However, the report on the future of GP and Primary Care Services admits that the current system is fragmented, poorly developed and unfair.

6000 people including patient representatives, current and future GPs were surveyed for the document, which is intended to inform negotiations of the new GP contract.

In 2014, 860 million euro was spent on GP care, and 40 percent of the population has free access to their doctor.