Banking in a van on the side of a Ballymote street: ‘Far from Ideal’

Small and cramped is how the new Ulster Bank mobile banking van is being described in Ballymote.

And while it’s better than nothing a local Councillor says it’s far from ideal.

The ‘Ulster Bank on Wheels’ visits Ballymote twice a week now on a Monday and a Thursday.

But it’s services are restricted and Local Councillor Keith Henry says people are still very annoyed about the closure of the local Bank branch.

It closed in September along with a number of others including Ardara in county Donegal.

The Fianna Fail Councillor says local people still have a lot of concerns about doing their banking in a van on the side of the street:

Keith Henry has also now hit out at the bank for turning off the lights leaving people getting out money from the remaining ATM there in the dark: