Alcohol misuse: Look at what happens in the home, urges expert

Alcohol and cannabis are the two most misused substances in the north west.

That’s according to the Northwest Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force, which has just issued its 2016 annual report.

And when it comes to referrals for treatment, men outnumbered women by almost two to one.The figures recorded of those with addresses in the north west was 593 for men and 319 for women.

Alcohol remains the primary drug of choice and accounts for over 70% of all referrals in the region

About 540 people referred for treatment came from Donegal, 295 from Sligo and 86 from Leitrim.

Sean O Connor, coordinator of the regional drug and alcohol task force, says that when it comes to alcohol misuse, people often need to look no further than the home: