Leitrim has the lowest rate of construction of homes in Ireland

County Leitrim has had the lowest level of construction of residential properties in the country in the past year.

Sixteen new buildings were under construction in June in the county.
The figures are from a report commisioned by GeoDirectory from DKM Economic Consultants.

Dublin accounts for the bulk of new building while areas such as Sligo and Leitrim are among the counties with the lowest levels of construction.

In Sligo, just 35 buildings were under construction.

Donegal, however, was much higher, with 240.

By comparison, the figure was 1,475 in Dublin, 743 in Cork, and 388 in Meath.

When it comes to the percentage of construction activity, Leitrim is again on the bottom of the table at 0.3%. Longford and Roscommon were next, with Sligo fourth from bottom on 0.6%.

However, Donegal had the 7th highest rate in the country, with just over 5.5%.

But this is in contrast to Dublin in the top spot with almost 25%.

Leitrim was also at the bottom when it came to starts on residential buildings in the 12 months to March 2017, its figure was 24.

Sligo had 112 and Donegal 301.

The report also gives figures for apartments as a percentage of total residential stock in each county. For Donegal, the figure is 3%, Leitrim 3.6% and Sligo 6.6%.

When it comes to vacant housing stock, more than 16.5% was vacant in Leitrim, over 11% vacant in Sligo, and over 10% in Donegal.