Parents to meet politicians next week in relation to changes in the school transport scheme

Parents are to meet with local politicians next week in an effort to plan how to find a resolution to changes to the school transport scheme.

The ‘nearest school’ policy has come to light in recent weeks where school children have to attend their nearest school in order to avail of this bus scheme.

Parents in Bunninaden in Sligo met about it earlier this week where 27 children are affected.

Bunninaden is located almost half way between Tubbercurry and Ballymote but parents who send their children to Tubbercurry say they’ll be forced now to send them to Ballymote under the new criteria of the scheme.

Dermot Gormally, a parent who organised the meeting told North West Today that they hope to work with other communities also affected by this issue.

He says ths issue is just another attack on services in rural Ireland:

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