Friends of Sligo Gaol are looking for artifacts from the gaols past

Friends of Sligo Gaol are calling on the public for items from the gaol’s past.

Construction began in 1814 and in 1818, it was opened in a partial manner designed to holld 200 inmates. The doors closed in 1956.

Friends of Sligo Gaol are looking for artefacts such as letters, photographs, tools, clothing and uniforms. The group are holding a special event on August 19th as part of National Heritage Week. The group are not looking for the items to be donated, rather to have them documented for future generations.

Next year will be the 200th anniversary of the gaol being open. If you have items that may of interest or are thinking of helping out, you can visit their website at or, spelt ‘g a o l’.
Speaking to Ocean FM, Deirdre who is one of the helpers witht he group, told us what they are looking for.