Cystic Fibrosis campaigners hopeful ahead of third national protest

Campaigners to secure approval for a new ground breaking drug for people with Cystic Fibrosis in Ireland are hoping to have a positive announcement this week.

They are holding their third protest outside the Dail at lunchtime tomorrow in an effort to highlight the need to for the drug Orkambi.

Talks are continuing today between the HSE and the creator of the drug Vertex.

It’s hopes that a deal can be reached on the price of the drug which the HSE says would currently cost in the region of €165,000 per patient per year.

Campaigner Jillian McNulty has been on the trial programme for Orkambi for the last few years and she says it has changed her life.

She says while the price-tag is high but these companies have to have research into these life-saving drugs funded in the longterm and she’s hoping a deal can be reached: