Uncertainty over land ownership delaying play area in Sligo estate

Uncertainty over who owns a common area in a Sligo town housing estate is hindering residents’ plans to develop play facilities in the locality.

Funding is available subject to the residents of the Cartron Estate having an interest in the in the site of the proposed play area.

However, it now seems the original developer still holds a lease on some areas of the estate and the Minister for Finance has rights on the property.


Independent Councillor Gino O’Boyle is calling on Sligo County Council to engage with the residents’ group in Cartron who want to develop play facilities within the estate.

The council says this part of the Cartron Estate was developed by a company called Stapolin Investments Limited, which held all of the land.

Eventually, the houses that were built on the land were sold off.

The rest of the land, such as roads and green areas, remained in the name of the company.

The Stapolin company was later dissolved.

Some years after the completion of the development, the estate was taken over by the borough council, which is now abolished.

However, Director of Services Bartley Gavin says in a reply to Cllr O Boyle that he is not able to say with certainty at this stage if the ‘taking in charge’ did or did not include the proposed play area.

Mr Gavin says even if the area was included, the ‘exact status of the common area land is somewhat unclear.’

He adds that if the council obtained ownership, it could then grant the required leases, and deal with the land as it sees fit, subject to the decisions of the elected council.

This would start with the council writing to the Minister for Finance, who has rights in the property.

Mr Gavin also says his experience with ministers in relation to land is that it can take some time.

But he assures the residents the council will work to help them in every way it can.