Fine Gael says fundraising ‘an internal party matter’

Fundraising is part of every party’s strategy from now until whenever the next election is called according to a spokesperson for Fine Gael in Sligo.

Today, national papers are reporting that the High Court case taken by former TD John Perry is taking a toll on the party’s finances and a meeting of senior party members including Ministers and strategists took place last week.

It’s reported that every TD and Senator will now be under pressure to step up fundraising efforts creating speculation that an election might not be as far off as some believe.

However, a spokesperson for Fine Gael locally today said that there is a huge fundraising draw every year within the party and that fundraising is an ongoing process within Fine Gael.

It’s understood that while the party does not want to see a repeat of High Court cases like that taken by John Perry, efforts will continue to fundraise generally.

The Fine Gael Press office said today it had no further comment to make on the Perry case and that fundraising was an internal party matter.

The former TD was also not available for comment when contacted by Ocean FM.

It’s understood fundraising efforts are also taking place by other parties at present as well.