Order of Malta search for new home raised in Sligo council

Any future growth of the Order of Malta in Sligo is under threat unless they can source a larger premises in the near future.

That’s according to Andrew Mitchell an officer with the Sligo division of the first aid and ambulance service.

They are currently based out of a bungalow on the grounds of St. John’s Hospital in Sligo town but with over 20 volunteers it has become unsuitable for training purposes.

At a recent meeting of Sligo County Council the idea was raised by councillor Thomas Healy that the former Fleadh Ceoil building could be used but the council have said the building is currently in poor condition and does not meet current day building requirements.

Andrew Mitchell says they need a bigger premises to be able to hold practical training for it’s members or Sligo will not have an Order of Malta that is trained to the highest standard.

Speaking to Ocean FM he says they won’t be able to take in new members without more space.