Farmers to meet TDs about impact of potential changes to ANC scheme

Farmers in Sligo and Leitrim are to meet local TDs next week to outline how any potential removal of marginalised land from the new ANC scheme will impact their income and livelihoods.

Now known as Areas of Natural Constraint, the former disadvantaged area scheme effectively subsidises those who farm on marginalised land and is an important payment for farmers especially in the west of Ireland.

However, the EU claims the payments may be proportionately too high when compared to the income that farmers in less disadvantaged areas are getting.

As a result, the Department of Agriculture has to carry out a review of all the land designations.

Around 300 farmers attended a meeting with MEP in Leitrim before Christmas on the issue and now there is a follow-up meeting with the four Sligo Leitrim TDs in the Bush Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon on Monday night at 8pm.

Pat Gilhooley of the IFA in Leitrim says it’s important all farmers attend: