HIQA finds four centres in the north west in breach of standards

HIQA has found four HSE-run centres for people with disabilities in the north west in breach of standards.

It follows the publication of 20 new reports by the Health and Information and Quality Authority today.

Glenbow in county Sligo was one of four centres for people with an intellectual disability in the north west found to have compliance issues according to the latest HIQA reports.

The unannounced inspection took place in March and followed a previous one last June.

The report outlines a number of issues including in one case the Chief Inspector had been notified in December 2015 of an allegation and suspicion of abuse.

The inspector found that once the incident was reported to management, the actions taken by the provider were ‘inadequate and outside of procedure’.

Among a number of health and safety issues at the centre, inspectors found there were inadequate procedures in place for the control of infection.

It found that not all staff on duty had fire safety training.

The report outlines that improvements had been made by front line management and staff however, the overall systems in place to ensure a safe and effective service had not been addressed.

For example, there was little choice for residents on the activities they take part in everyday.

The Realta centre, Earrach Services and Suaimhneas in county Sligo were also inspected this year and while staff were found to engage respectfully with residents there was an absence of appropriate supports in place to ensure that the services were safe and effective.

For example the inspection carried out at Suaimhneas in August was carried out in response to unsolicited information received by HIQA.

The report found that the provider had put measures in place to manage challenging behaviour, although this had not lead to a significant reduction in incidents; including those between residents.

In addition, the report found that although actions identified in a previous inspection had been addressed, other relating to risk and fire management needed further attention.

Further information on the reports is available on the website hiqa.ie.