Gardai making plans to search South Sligo land owned by Eamon Cooke

Gardai are believed to be making plans to search land in South Sligo that was allegedly owned by the late Eamon Cooke, a suspect in the disappearance of 13-years Dublin schoolboy Philip Cairns 30 years ago.

The land is in Kilmactigue, near Aclare and is located down a road near the football pitch in Kilmactigue.

It’s understood the land is currently rented. There’s also a empty dwelling house on the land in which there was a fire some years ago.

Gardai are expected to bring in forensic experts with specialist equipment to examine the land.

They will be particularly interested in any soil movements during the past three decades.

Cooke, a radio DJ and a convicted paedophile who died earlier this month aged 79, also owned at least four other properties in Dublin.

It’s understood gardai have not yet ordered a dig at any of the locations.