Sligo TD says NAMA portfolio may have been leaked

A Sligo Leitrim Dail Deputy says sources have told him that NAMA’s entire property portfolio may have been leaked to potential buyers and investors.

Deputy Marc MacSharry says this could include 800 NAMA debtors and clients, and includes the identity of property, valuations and loan values.

He is now calling on the Minister for Finance to start a full investigation into the claims:

He told Ocean FM the seriousness of such a leak:

It’s being alleged that information on 800 nama debtors or clients, including the identity of property assets, valuations of those assets and loan values, were leaked and may have been received by entities who ultimately bid and purchased those assets.

Sligo/Leitrim Fianna Fail TD Marc MacSharry is calling for a full independent investigation into the matter.

He says it’s a very serious matter and could have huge implications for the exchequer and NAMA.

He says he has information that the entire portfolio of NAMA may have been leaked: