Incorrect Answers


Chopping a cabbage or lettuce

A pendulum dropping down in a grandfather clock

Opening and closing a fire exit door

Closing the door of a filing cabinet

Closing the lid on a wheelie bin

Pushing up or down the lever on a toaster

Opening and closing a brief case

Closing a book

Fitting Carpets

Pushing forward and back a car seat

Mandolin for cutting paper

A loom

Closing down the boot of a car

Elastic Band

Closing the lid on a grand piano

Hole Puncher

Coal  Scuttle

Roller Door

Splitting Logs

Hand Towel Dispenser

Throwing Darts

Ream of paper

Opening and closing a drawer

Putting Fire Logs into a box

Hilti Gun

Going into the loft

Putting up and down an old style window

Old Style Chip Maker

Putting bag of rubbish in bin

Cutting Tiles

Chopping Carrots

opening and closing car with key

Box Cutter

Hand roll Towel

Putting up the foot rest on the armchair

Pulling down weights

Metal Stand Up Toilet Roll Holder

Wood/log  splitter

Weaving Machine

Potato Chipper

Microwave Oven

Old Style Credit Card Machine

Cutting sellotape on a dispenser

Potato Grater

Carpenters plane

The wiper on a large vehicle

Closing a lid on a wheelie bin

A Digger

Shopping Trolley

Cutting Logs

Pulling the chord on the strimmer or lawnmower

Hitching a trailer onto a car or taking it off

Horse Kicking the stable door

Putting a fencing post into the ground.

Putting up or down a Parasol.
Power Washer
An outside boiler door.
Closing a Cold room door
Nail Gun
Closing an electric gate
Locking/unlocking a door
Rivet Gun
Central Locking
Wind Turbine
Putting basket on lawnmower and closing the lid
Bats flying into and out of the attic or loft
Putting the side on a trailer
Garden Shears
A wheel bearing
Closing the cattle crush
Putting lid on oil tank
Lifting the lid of a sewer
Clocking in and out of work
Stacking Pallets