Incorrect Answers


Fire Bellows or for starting a barbeque

Spinning Wheel

Air pump

Sanding down walls and wood with sandpaper

Dog scraping


Butcher cleaning down the butcher’s slab

Bread Slicer

Old style clothes washing board

Pumping up the wheel of a bicycle

Polishing Shoes

Knife Sharpener

Blowing out candles


Scratching a microphone cover

Cleaning the needle of a record player

Balloon Pump

Rubbing a jumper of microphone

Scratching a lottery card

A cocktail shaker

Cleaning a glass with a brush

Shaking a box of pringles

Rubbing a blown up balloon of your head or jumper

Brushing Teeth

A chimney sweep cleaning a chimney

Rubbing your fingernails on a cardboard box

Starting a car/van engine

Sound of a steam train

Drawing with a Marker

Screening sand to remove pebbles from it

Putting on seatbelt

Cleaning a chimney

Sanding A Table

Hacksaw or Handsaw

Shaking a box of cereal

Shaking out umbrella

Dog scratching on a mat

Muller Corner Yogurt

Cleaning BBQ

Scrubbing the collar of a shirt

Grating Vegetables

AMSR   – Autonomous sensory meridian response

Rubbing a pen on paper that is out of ink

Shaking a can of shaving foam

Exercise Band

Using a deck scrub

Making Pasta

Wash board

Sifting Sand

Shaking a box of matches

Cleaning Nails with a nail brush

Filing Nails

Cocktail Shaker


Rubbing hands or knees

Plastic Bag

Shaking fat of chips in a basket

Brushing dirt of shoes or clothes

Milking a cow

Zipping up a Jacket

Power Hose

Taking off the wheel of  a car

Brushing Your Teeth

Cutting Attic Insulation

Making Pizza

Scratching nails of the material of a couch

Cutting a water pipe

A Farrier filing a horses hoof


Deck brush to scrub clean decking

Shaking a carton of Orange Juice

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blowing into your Hands

Shaking a hardwood board

Hand Pump for Spraying and Brushing your shoes

Pulling up or down a zipper on a jacket or pocket

Scrubbing grout on tiles


Blowing into Your Hands

Shaking a hardwood board

Using a back scrub on your back

Removing ice from a freezer or windscreen

Cleaning a wheelie bin/Scrubbing car mats

Pumice stone on your skin

Walking on Ice or Snow

Washing out a Petrol Can

Slapping Your Chest

Kids balloon with beads inside

Making boxty grating the potatoes

Cutting through Polystyrene boards

Shaking a Pom Pom

Cutting a cardboard box with a Knife

Rasp on timber

Playing a Harmonica

Cutting a plastic container with a knife

Drying your hands with Paper Towels

Cutting a sourdough loaf

Shaking a bag with popcorn seeds or coffee beans inside

Putting on roll deodorant

Scraping a foil painting

Twisting a Salt Grinder

Pumping a Tyre

Shaking Bedsheets

Shaking Chips in an air fryer

Shredding Paper

Hitting the steam button on an iron

Drawing up Venetian blinds

Washing out your mouth with mouthwash

Drying your hair with a towel

Doing CPR on a manikin

Griddling the stoves ashes into the ash box

Making breadcrumbs with toast and a rolling pin

Kids water pistol

Shaking a bottle of champagne

Rubbing 2 sand blocks together

Rubbing two cash notes together

Shaking an abacus

Cleaning Suede Shoes

Shaking a charity Collection Bucket

Sieving flour

Putting down decorating stones

Scrapping the brown of toast

Opening a cap on a bottle of coke

Scrubbing a BBQ or rack with a wire scourer

Scrubbing Shoes

Dog sniffing a microphone

Blowing up an air bed

A brush moving at speed cleaning a step in washing up liquid and water

Shaking a bottle of Lenor Luxe Balls

Waxing a surf board

Ratchet Strap

Squeezing a bottle of Lucozade sport and the air coming out

Bushman saw

Using a dishwater brush to scrub down a food board

Filing down a piece of metal

Bending Plywood

Removing ice from a chest freezer with a scraper

Cutting Milk Carton

Hand plane

Shoveling ashes

Using an etch A sketch

Hanging out sheets on the clothes line

Engine turning over

Squeezing a car sponge

Scraping a sieve with a spoon

Washing suds out of a liquid bottle

Rubbing snow of gloves

Carding wool

Wire Brush Scrubbing on Aluminium

Cleaning an Oven

Dog Panting

Rubbing down your coat

Drying yourself with a towel after a shower

Massaging shampoo into your scalp before washing your hair

Shaking a box of dried peas

Shaking a bag of rice

Cutting a tomato

Cleaning out a dog kennel

Rubbing two pieces of aeroboard together, or off a wall

Scrubbing the palm of your hand with a nail brush

Pumping A Bike

Brushing a form of Textile

Rubbing in moisturiser on your face

Washing your face with a scrub

Squeezing a stress ball

Shaking a Pack of Slug Pellets

Spraying a hot pan with Fry light

Pump action food whisk

Shaking Cat Treats

Shaking a bag of crisps

Squeezing the last bit out of a shower Gel or Shampoo Bottle

Chiropodist using an abrasive brush on feet

Puffing cushions or a pillow

Panting on a swing

Wiping your hands with a paper kitchen towel

Shaking Ice in a paper cup

Squeezing up water into an almost empty washing up liquid bottle

Spraying Flash with a trigger

Pumping Soap or Hand Sanitiser

Shaking crayons in a box

Cleaning a builders trowel

Brushing up onto a dustpan

Cleaning a horse’s hoof after shoeing it

Putting a straw in Mc Donald’s Cup

Scraping a baking tray or frying pan

Drawing with chalk on Footpaths or walls

Shaking a kids ball with the string

Shaking a wok or pan full of meat/chicken/veg over a cooker

Rolling out pizza or dough

Starting a quad

Shaking a cabassa

Pulling a tissue out of a box

Removing moss or algae with a brush

Using a toilet brush under the rim of a toilet

Brushing Hair

Shaking a box of Drawing Pins, Paper Clips

Shaking a sachet of sugar

Closing down a clothes airer

Shaking a large box of Yorkshire Teabags

Using a rubber to erase a pencil mark

Pairing a Pencil

Scrubbing a shower with a brush and baking soda

Shaking peppercorns in a peppermill

Putting a chimney draught balloon in place

Spinning the wheel of fortune



Scrubbing a saucepan

Brushing teeth/cleaning shoes

Blowing into a microphone

DJ mixing on decks

Washing your mouth out

The drum in a printer

Shaking a Jigsaw puzzle in its box

Using a lint roller on a jumper

Shaking a drum of tickets

Adjusting the height of an office chair

Using the highlighter on paper

Adjusting a mixing desk in studio

Pulling up or down a plastic or steel zip on a jacket

Rubbing a microphone with disposable  gloves

Shaking out a bin liner

Opening or closing a filing cabinet or moving files in one

Shaking a bean bag

Taking a label or sticker off a container

Shaking a coffee jar

Opening a tin of beans

Stirring tea or coffee or pouring tea or coffee

Shaking a bean bag

Shaking a pot of quick oats

Shaking a box of Dishwasher salt

Rubbing crumbs off your top

Drying your hands under a dryer

Electric Paper Towel Dispenser

Rubbing you hand of an office chair

Cleaning a spill on a trampoline/refilling a stapler

Washing your face

Swiping a key card to get into the studio

Using boiling water in quooker tap

Nail Buffering

Sawing a suspended ceiling tile

Shaking a tape cassette in or out of its case

Closing a toilet seat

Using a Shake and Vac

Washing our a fairy liquid bottle

A closed hand rubbing up and down your trousers

Cleaning a microphone

Rubbing the thin pipe of the hoover on a carpet

Scrubbing a mat or a floor

Waving a county flag

Steam Cleaner

Rubbing a computer mouse on a mouse mat.

Rubbing cycle shoes on a doormat or carpet

Taking a laptop out of a bag

Shaking a small sheet of tin or plastic back and forth.

Dragging a mug across a worktop/desk

Shaking a tub of chewing gum

Shaking a disposable BBQ

Shaking a tub of cocktail sticks

Shaking a rice crispy buns in a plastic box

Mixing or shaking cereal in a plastic container

Rubbing you foot up and down a chair

Filing a chipped nail

Opening a high viz or Cycling gloves

Spinning a mop in a bucket

Buffing hard skin with a pumice stone

Bouncing a handball

Shaking a bottle of water

Shaving hair in ears with battery clippers

Pushing straw in and out of takeaway cup

Shaving a few days of beard growth

Using turtle wax upholstery carpet cleaner

Chalking a cue

Squeezing a washing up liquid bottle or fabric cleaning bottle

Rolling up an egg omelette on a pan

Rolling a toy car on a surface in the studio

Fan blowing sheets of paper

Cleaning football boots

Rubbing your nail of paper money

Piercing a lid of curry before putting it into the microwave

Using a pump action water gun

Opening the seal on a packet of ham or cheese singles

Blowing on food through a skewer

Cleaning a compac disc

Opening velcro on cycling gloves or shoes

Putting a long handle on a roller

Cleaning a sandwich toaster

Rubbing your knuckles on someone’s hair

Putting a bin bag into a bin

Opening a pack of baby wipes

Fitting a back support to an office chair

A rain stick  (musical instrument)

ECG Machine

A salad spinning bowl

Rubbing dry hands together

Using a company stamp

Letting air slowly out of a helium balloon

Cleaning out the base of the hoover after taking out the bag

Sharpening a garden clippers

Opening or closing a clothes peg

Opening and closing a cap on a coffee jar

Rubbing fluff or dust of a coat

Rubbing in shaving foam on your face prior to shaving

Cleaning limescale from the inside of a kettle with a scrubber