Funding allocated for north west vacant and derelict properties

7 million has been allocated to vacant and derelict properties in counties Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal under the third call of the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund.


The fund is available local authorities to cover the purchase price of properties, both residential or commercial and any minor works required to make the property more suitable for sale.


The latest round is specifically targeted at addressing long term vacancy and dereliction across cities and towns and at the provision of residential accommodation.


46 properties have been approved to date in Donegal during the third call, with the local authority allocated 4 million.


Sligo also recorded double figures in terms of properties approved with 33. Sligo County Council was also allocated 2 million under the call.


The figure was significantly lower in Leitrim, however, where just 5 properties approved in the county, bringing the total allocation there to 1 million.


Nationally, more than 1,200 vacant and derelict properties were granted approval under call 3 with just over 142 million euro handed out to local authorities during this time.