Local Councillor calls for planning officials to be given ‘adequate time’ to address concerns at the Abbey Manor Hotel.

Calls are being made for the adequate time to be afforded to planning officials in Leitrim County Council to deal with concerns in relation to the Abbey Manor Hotel in Dromahair.


The local Authority in Leitrim yesterday confirmed that the facility is under active consideration by their Planning Department.



Earlier this week the Dromahair Concerned Residents Group were informed by a Community Engagement Team that no refugees would be arriving at the facility until the concerns were addressed.


It was also reported this week that accommodation for refugees in this country could run out be as soon as next week.


While sympathetic to the needs of refugees and being completely aware of the urgent need for emergency accommodation, Leitrim , Independent Councillor Felim Gurn says planning officials working for the Local Authority in Leitrim must be afforded the time to adequately address any concerns that exist in relation to planning.